Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My not-so-little buddy

Mother's Day 2005
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Wayne is getting so big, isn't he?! He turned 8 years old on Sunday. We had a party at our house for 7 of his classmates and we survived! Boys Boys Boys.
I should write more about him to help remember all the little things that I'll forget someday. Motherhood is full of I shoulds............I should be more consistent, I should spend more time at his school, I should put him to bed earlier, I should limit his TV time, I should put more limits on him, I should cuss less, yell less, nag less, repeat myself less........
Motherhood is an amazing way to get to know yourself. All relationships with children, whether you're their parent, friend, family, honorary family, or next door neighbor, give you the opportunity to be so influential.
During my childhood I had many many adults that left an impression on my soul and will be apart of me forever. What a gift and isn't it great that this is true for every human being on the earth!

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