Saturday, May 21, 2005

Teri & Heather April 2005

My dear old friend, Teri, showed up at my doorstep last month, and although almost 20 years had passed since we'd seen each other, we're still the same really.

We stayed up long into the night for a week talking and smoking and talking and smoking. We both just turned 40, a great turning point, a crossroads, a time to look back and a time to move forward. There have been husbands and children and homes and jobs, and we're still girls who just wanna have fun!

Teri has great stories that entertained me for hours. She's a musician, a music producer, a Scientologist, an activist, and still a free spirit. She's lived and worked with famous and not-so-famous musicians in England, Europe, and Africa, and is now back in the LA scene. Welcome back my friend!

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