Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Alien Girls....ummm... I mean "normal earth girls"

Alien Girls 3
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Girls are fun, aren't they?!! Women are my support, my joy, my comfort, and the substance of my life.
That's me in the blue hair (and blue eyelashes)! It was yet another costume party by a group of friends I've been hangin' with lately. They have welcomed me into their amazing group of wild, interesting, and closeknit friends.
Dorene, the one with purple steaked hair on the right, and I worked together 10 yrs ago and was my masseuse for years. She recommended Morgan, top left with pink hair, for a job at my company last year. Morgan became my admin and my friend, and although she has moved on to another job, she will continue to be friend always. And she brought 3 more friends to the company I work for. Dorene in her late 40's and Morgan in her early 20's are great friends. They amaze and inspire me.

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