Wednesday, March 02, 2005

We all look back, don't we?

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At 3pm Monday afternoon, I WASN'T looking back while stopped at a red light in my car. It was a GOOD thing because I didn't SEE it coming. I was relaxed and talking to my dear friend, Tawna, on the phone. (Yes I was on my cell while driving, OK?!). And then the phone was knocked out my hand and I was flying forward and then backwards like a ragdoll!!
A drunk driver smashed into the car behind me, and that car smashed into me, and I smashed into the Uhaul truck in front of me!!!
It was slow motion and then I heard Tawna calling my name through my cell and I reached around until I found it and said "you won't believe it, I'm in a car accident" or some such thing. What I do remember is that the front of my car was wedged into the back of this Uhaul truck.
My car is probably totaled (still waiting for the insurance assessment). What's left of my car sits in my driveway as a reminder of that crazy moment when my life changed (not sure how much at this point). As expected my neck started hurting the next day.
The OTHER crazy thing that happened on Monday (and the reason I was driving home at 3pm) was that I had an awful experience at work. I was blindsided in a meeting with what felt like a ROAST, an attack of testoterone flung at me. Men communicate so very differently than women, but knowing that somehow didn't help me from crying (a women's more natural way of expressing hurt and anger).
ALL OF THIS has led me to reflection..
about life and how I fit into it.
We all LOOK BACK but looking forward and being able to "go with the flow" is perhaps the BEST way to be prepared. I think I was tensed up and fearful when I went into that meeting at work, but that drunk driver came out of nowhere and being a ragdoll helped protect me from more harm.
BE A RAGDOLL is a visual I will conjure up the next time I am tense and bracing myself for the worst.
And always BE THANKFUL!!!!!!

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