Monday, March 21, 2005

A flying leap of faith

Flying Sy Sy
Originally uploaded by Heather's Shot.
Sometimes you just have to DIVE in the deep end!

I have finally made my plane reservations to go to Hawaii in May to see my nephew, Sy, graduate from the Univ. of Hawaii in Hilo. Yipppeeee!

I took this picture of Sy at my sister's place in Santa Ynez. My sweet, amazing child is watching his cousin in awe! Sy is just as this picture depicts him; wild, brave, seemingly carefree, and ever the Aquarian!
Before Wayne was my baby, Sy Sy was my "baby". I was 15 yrs old when my sister divorced and moved in with my dad and I, with 3 month old Sy Sy and 3 year old Jake. What a special gift that was to have these beautiful boys be such good life teachers!

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me said...

great picture, great thoughts - keds are hot!