Monday, April 10, 2006

Still Standing

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My playhouse is still standing (barely). It's 34 years old this year. Although my father is not standing right now, he too is fighting against time and nature.
My dad has been in critical condition at the hospital for 1 week. He got a cold which turned into pneumonia. At 88 years old, his body must fight hard. He quit smoking 30 yrs ago, works out at the gym 3 nights a week, runs (or shuffles) on the weekends now, works 5 days a week, and shops only at the health food store. He's quite the character. He can cuss up a storm and would not be surprised that I'm telling everyone he's a "stubborn shit". He sure does have a lot of people praying for him. His older brother and younger sister call every day.

Tonight he responded to the nurse when she told him to move his hands and his feet. The "good drugs" were turned off this morning. The plan for tomorrow is to get the ventillator out but they're just waiting for him to wake up enough. The ventillator and drugs have kept him quiet, but now we want him to wake up and start cussing.

He's got a line of us waiting for him to get better so we can slap him for not going to doctor earlier.

For a few more pic of my visit to his house last week, go here.

Me n my pops.

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